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Types of Doors

We offer many different types of shower doors to compliment the stylings of your bathroom. These are a few of our most popular options, but we also offer custom products as well! When requesting an estimate it’s most helpful to refer to the terminology used in this section, but you will have the opportunity to specify exactly what you want when you request your estimate.


There are three basic types of shower doors and enclosures: frameless, semi-frameless, and framed doors. Each mounting style has specific hardware to support the weight of the glass.




Frameless enclosures are the most popular among designers and architects because they achieve a “floating look”. These types of doors use a 3/8 inch glass and special low profile hardware that are installed directly onto the glass itself. This helps maintain and emphasize the minimalist look with “floating” styles.

Semi-frameless enclosures are typically designed with ¼ inch clear glass. This style encompasses benefits from both framed and frameless shower doors. Features such as the hinges and adjoining panels of glass can be framed, leaving the outside edges frameless.

Fully-framed enclosures are typically made with 3/16 inch glass that is fully enclosed in a structural frame. The hardware and hinges on framed shower doors are attached directly to the frame, so the handle is typically a small fixture on one edge.


The options when choosing the glass for your doors can seem vast, but this section will help you decide what’s best for you. Most people when choosing a door go for the most simple option. For those seeking privacy, a satin etched glass is a good option, for those seeking sleek simplicity, a clear untextured glass may be better. Both options fit easily into all bathroom styles and décor, even as it changes over time.


  • Aquaview
  • Bronze
  • Bubbles
  • Clear
  • Glue Chip
    Glue Chip
  • Grey
  • Niagara
  • P5
  • Rolled Cast
    Rolled Cast
  • Satin Etch
    Satin Etch
  • Satin Etch Ultra Clear
    Satin Etch Ultra Clear
  • Ultra Clear
    Ultra Clear


The thickness of glass available will depend on which enclosure you choose. Frameless styles can support heavier glass, whereas framed doors are designed with lighter weighted glass styles. Specialty glass thickness and patterns may be available depending on the type of enclosure you choose, ask about these options when requesting your estimate!



We offer all types of hardware to compliment your style and décor including square edge and beveled edge hinges and mounts, the most popular among contemporary bathrooms. We also have a full line of premium and luxury shower hardware for contemporary, modern, and traditional style bathrooms.

Color and finish is dependent solely on your styling and décor. The finish and colors should be chosen to compliment any existing tile work, sink hardware, and bath hardware. The colors listed are available in at least one type of hardware choice, though the availability may depend on the type of enclosure you choose along with the brand and styles of hardware.


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